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Why am I seeing this?

    Why am I seeing this?

  • You clicked on a link that is being directed through the system used before UICapture moved to the Panopto Cloud in 2019.

  • Timeline

  • This redirect is scheduled to be shut down on 6/10/2024. Please ensure that this link is updated before this date.

  • Read more about steps that you can take to update links to your content in addition to the process we used to move UICapture to the Panopto Cloud.

What can I do next?

    Content Creators

  • ICON: You can embed content using the UICapture External Tool available in modules, assignments, and the Rich Content Editor. Read more about that process in this guide.

  • SiteNow: If you are working in a SiteNow v.2/3 site you are able to embed content right in your web pages: Further Information

  • For all other locations: Further Information

  • Viewers

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